Dinners for Eight

Dinners for Eight

Chair: Carol Bower, Carol_Bower@comcast.net

Our group meets quarterly in Sept., Nov., April and June.  Dates and time (generally 6 pm) agreed upon by attendees.  You will host one dinner for 3 couples, only one time in your home.  Host provides the entrée, while the other couples bring an appetizer, salad/bread or dessert.  Each couple brings their won beverages.  It’s a fun group and you will meet different people at each dinner event.  

Plates for Eight

Chair: Brenda Dodd, brendadodd47@gmail.com

Plates for Eight is a group of 16 couples who meet for dinner quarterly (generally the 3rd Saturday) of Jan., April, July and Oct.  Each couple will host once during the year and couples rotate between host homes which gives members the opportunity to spend an evening with all of the participants.  Dining together is a great way to make new friends so we hope you’ll join us!

Suppers for Six

Chair: Susie Campbell, myquest1@yahoo.com

We are a supper club for the solo diner.  Dinners are held every other month.  Each month, there are 3 hosts for the evening, with 5 guests at each dinner.  These are great opportunities to get to know each other and sit down at the table for a home cooked meal with others.