Kick-off with a Cook Off!

The special events committee scored a major touchdown on this lively & fun event.  Over 80 members showed up to watch the Seahawks opener on Sept 10 at Schemel Park . The weather was late summer perfect.  For the cook off, 12 different and wonderful chilies were tasted and judged.  The 1st prize winner was Marty Olsen, with a fabulous red chili  – Sweet Seattle.  2nd and 3rd place went to Steve Gomez ( killer hatch green chili) and our own databoy, Dave Lontchar.   For the best outrageous, Seahawk wear, Tom Markuse stole the show in his “glow in the dark” green pants. Sadly the Seahawks lost the game thanks to some bad ref calls, but this crowd was wowed , with a perfect social event !  Thanks to the Special events committee for all their hard work bringing this one together.